Saturday, December 17, 2011

Latke Time Again...should you or shouldn't you???

Every year I contemplate making latkes...should I bother or not??? And, every year I end up going for it...and swearing never to do it again! This year, I made 2 of my favorite latke recipes which I found in the New York Times in past years.... If you're gonna give it a go, I recommend these for recipes..
If you want a traditional latke recipe:
If you want an original latke recipe, try these beetroot and celery root latkes- so good: 
Warning- it's a big messy job!! But then again, it's only once a year!
Happy Hanukkah and Happy Holidays!!
Peeling the potatoes
Peel the beets
Peel the celery root
Grate some more!
Get frying!

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  1. beets!!! ingenious!!! is it possible to detox while eating anything fried!?LOL